5 must-see stage shows touring Australia

Stage performances involve a unique sense of entertainment and intimacy with the audience that just isn’t the same through a screen. The high notes of the singers, the dancers leaping and pure physicality of the actors are all the more infectious and inspiring when seen live.

Here are five must-see stage performances - from smash-hit musicals to raunchy circus performances and contemporary plays - touring Australia between now and the end of the year.

There is something for everyone and they each offer an unforgettable night out. You simply can’t go wrong!

Anything Goes
Even if you have seen this classic Broadway musical before it is always fun to revisit! Set on a luxury liner just after the Great Depression, it follows the debauched parties of Wall-street broker, Billy Crocker. Helpmann Award winning performer Dean Bryant and Andrew Hallsworth stage this sassy, comedic production of Cole Porter’s triple Tony Award winning musical. The star-studded cast breathe new life into the euphoric songs and timelessly witty script, resulting in a smash-hit performance. This hilarious, family-friendly musical is heading to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and is sure to leave you tapping your foot and clicking your fingers long after the exuberant performers hit their final notes.

Tour Dates: 27 May to 4 October 2015
Locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney
Tickets: $80 to $120
Who to take: A few friends - sing along together!
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“Sublime performances and Cole Porter’s timeless songs add to the giddy sense of euphoria” – The Guardian


Ballet Revolution
A spectacular dance show which combines the elegance and mesmerising technicality of ballet with the sensuality and ferociousness of Cuban street dance. Together it results in an hour-long show of unprecedented skill. It is a tour de force production which has entertained audiences around the globe, from London to Paris, Berlin and Zurich. The performers sensuality of movement is matched only by their astonishing leaps, phenomenal control and infectious energy.  

Tour Dates: 23 June to 31 July 2015
Locations: Wollongong, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Frankston, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth
Tickets: $80 to $120
Who to take: Your best friend
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“Ballet revolucion is a raw, fresh and dynamic Cuban cocktail of unbridled passion, energy and athletic skill” - The Australian


Hayley and Juliet Mills, who are sisters and screen royalty, star in this uproarious new production as two feuding movie stars who are threatened with fading into obscurity. A shady conman, played by Maxwell Caulfield, offers the stars a fresh start on Broadway. What ensues is a riotous journey filled with backstabbing, witty banter and even a sexy male stripper named “Boom Boom”. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner James Kirkwood and produced by John Frost, this Australian Premiere will be a sensation not to be missed!

Tour Dates: 28 May to 20 September 2015
Locations: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne
Tickets: $80 to $140
Who to take: Your partner (or a hot date!)
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“I’m sure we’re all in for a hilarious night with these legends in Legends!” – Producer John Frost.


Dirty Dancing
This on-stage spectacular adds an extra dose of side-splitting humour, passionate dancing and boisterous drama to the beloved 1987 film sensation. The acting is superb, the music and dancing  have the perfect amount of skill, theatricality and sex appeal and the script is as witty and inspirational as it’s on-screen predecessor. Unfortunately, this phenomenal stage show version of Dirty Dancing has finished its residency in Sydney, but if you missed out it is still worth a trip to one of Australia’s other capitals to have the ‘time of your life’.

Tour Dates: Currently playing to October 2015
Locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
Tickets: $60 to $120
Who to take: Your (18+) kids
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The biggest live theatre sensation of all time” – The Observer UK


A raunchy, comedic and astonishing circus performance that combines old-school burlesque and vaudeville with contemporary wit and glamour. The phenomenal strength, balance and agility of these performers will leave you stunned; their incredible feats truly test the capacity of the human body. Inspired by the cabarets of 19th Century Europe, this is vaudeville for a modern audience and combines fearless acts with a circus cocktail. Be sure not to miss out on this unique, inventive and daring show while its exotic and erotic performers are in town.

Tour Dates: Currently playing to 4 October 2015
Locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney
Tickets: $55 to $136
Who to take: Your best friend
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"If you see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe!"- Huffington Post


Have you been to see any of these shows and would you recommend it?