Ready to challenge someone to a board game?

We all tend to spend more leisure time with loved ones over the festive period. When friends or family pop in to visit, there's nothing better than engaging in a real-world game of wits.

Here are five great board games to keep you challenged and having fun. Ready to roll?


Players: 2-8
Who to play with: your kids and grandkids
Play it if: You love anagrams and can think on your feet.
About the game: Bananagrams is a fun and modern variation on traditional spelling games like Scrabble, offering players the chance to compete in faster, less structured game play. Players must each take the same number of tiles from the central pool (the bunch) and then create their own word grids with the letters. Throughout the fast-paced word game, players are able to: rearrange the cross-word-like structures at any time; pick up another tile from the bunch if you run out of letters (however every other must also take a letter); and swap a tricky tile with three tiles from the middle.

Bananagrams (1)

As soon as there are fewer tiles than players, anyone that finishes their grid shouts ‘bananas’. Provided you’ve used legitimate words with no mistakes, you win! There are no turns in Bananagrams, meaning everyone is always involved. The lively smash-hit game takes about fifteen minutes to complete, but variations on the rules offer players the chance to expand the challenge. 


Players: 2-6
Who to play with: Your grandchildren (aged 10-15)
Play it if: You want an entertaining card game with a difference.
About the game: This challenging card game involves a bit of attention and time, but the end result is well worth the effort. In Diamonsters, players are given one of each of the five cute looking monsters. Each monster has a different number and diamond value, as well as certain trump rules.


Players must strategically bid for the cards in the centre, with the aim of collecting either three of the same type of monsters or a hand that totals five diamonds. Boasting cute and entertaining art from the designers behind the best selling card-game Machi Koro, Diamonsters is an addictive and enjoyable classic game. 

Family Feud

Players: 2 teams of up to 5 players
Who to play with: The extended family
Play it if: You’ve always wanted to star in a game show.
About the game: This board game version of the television favourite was a hit last year as the product sold out at most major retailers.


The game is a whole lot of fun, offering players the chance to immerse themselves in team spirit and battle it out over the top answer. Game-play mimics the process on the show, with teams working to predict the top responses to a series of surveyed questions. With an attractive and simple set-up (there are no digital boards or gimmicks), the board game Family Feud is a great addition to the games drawer.

Trivial Pursuit: family edition

Players: 2-4
Who to play with: Everyone!
Play it if: You love to learn and laugh.
About the game: The original quiz game, this family-friendly version of Trivial Pursuitopens the classic game up to a whole new age bracket. Instead of boring the grandkids with overly difficult questions, this easy game offers fresh questions, faster-paced game-play and more potential for amusement and education.

TP Family

A mirror-image of the adult version of the game, this special family edition of Trivial Pursuit even offers adults special questions that make the game even more difficult to win. 

Monopoly, 80th anniversary edition (1935 - 2015)

Players: 2-4
Who to play with: Perfect for a late-night ‘grudge match’ with your older kids!
Play it if: You want to be transported back to your own childhood.
About the game: Okay, so Monopoly isn't exactly a new board game, but this special 80th Anniversary Edition of the game is a must-have for die-hard fans of the game or if you don’t already have a Monopoly board stashed at home.

Monopoly 80th

Styled after the first version ever produced (the cards and decorative elements are more clearly inspired by the 30s), the Monopoly 80th Anniversary Editionalso offers a plethora of iron tokens spanning the game's history (including a bathtub and a steam-train). Toot-toot!

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Did you family-favourite game make our list? What are your memories of playing classic board games? Let us know in the comments below!