The story of Lynette Dawson’s disappearance is set to become a TV series, the court has heard.

Chris Dawson has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Lynette, who went missing from the family home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in January 1982.

The Supreme Court heard that Hedley Thomas from News Corp, the media organisation behind the podcast The Teacher’s Pet, have signed with American production company Blumhouse.

It comes as Thomas faces a second day of questioning for his role in attempting to persuade witnesses to come forward with promises of a TV series which would see them walk the red carpet alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman and Joel Edgerton.

“You appreciated that would have been attractive to them?” Dawson’s barrister Pauline David asked him, Nine News reported.

“Possibly, to some. It might have been very unattractive to others, who were introverted or didn’t want to be involved,” Thomas replied.

Thomas then argued that he was just having a bit of fun and that his podcast was already completed well before any contract was offered for a TV show.

The defence however claim that Thomas’s involvement with witnesses helped corrupt them in the trial against Dawson, who still maintains his innocence.

He explained that the individuals are intelligent and are able to make their own decisions.

The trial continues.

Image: Nine News

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