Book extract: Loving yourself to better health

“Perfect health is my Divine right, and I claim it now.” — Louise Hay, aged 88

This book is a love story. It’s about loving yourself as a way to create health, happiness, and longevity. You will learn tips, menus, recipes, affirmations, and exercises that have proven to work, and will ensure a healthier, more vibrant, and stronger you! But more than that, your heart will be opened to new ways to love and support yourself on the incredible journey of life.

Why should you read this book?
The authors say: Unfortunately, what we are seeing too often today are habits, beliefs, and messages that separate people from their health and happiness. We wrote this book to unravel the messages that separate you from feeling your best, to reveal how much nature is here to offer you everything you need, and to remind you that everything you need for health and healing is within.

In this extract from Loving Yourself to Great Health Louise Hay and her co-authors tap into the secrets Louise has used for decades to align both mind and body. Get ready to start your own love story

Extract from the book:
A New Perspective on Health: Your Health Is a Mirror of Your Relationship to Self
The growing “epidemic” of stress, lifestyle diseases, and autoimmune diseases has no root cause according to mainstream medicine, yet that root cause seems simple to us: it’s really an epidemic of not loving the self. This is a new perspective on health. It’s actually not so mysterious, and it brings the power back into your hands. Your health is a mirror of your relationship to yourself and your body. We don’t believe in incurable dis-eases; we believe that illness is an invitation to change your relationship with yourself for the better.

Interestingly, new findings in science seem to agree. For example, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized cell biologist who performed pioneering studies at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. In his book The Biology of Belief, he talks about a new paradigm of health based on the science of epigenetics. Bruce conducted some ground-breaking experiments showing that our genes do not control biology. The idea that genes control biology is a faulty scientific assumption that was debunked by the Human Genome Project around the year 2003, a finding that fit very well with experiments Bruce was doing with cells in the lab. His experiments showed that it was not the genes that controlled the cells, but how the cells responded to the environment they were in. Bruce explains that since human beings have brains, our response to our environment is much more complex than that of a cell. We have beliefs, and it is through these beliefs that we respond to our life situation (or environment).

What message are you giving to your cells right now? If you believe that you are a bad person, your cells are listening. If you believe that you are sick, your cells are listening. Likewise, if you believe that you are a beautiful being worthy of love and that you are healthy, your cells are listening. What kind of relationship do you think you are creating with yourself and your body if you’re sending negative messages and embracing negative beliefs about yourself?

Loving yourself Is about taking care of yourself
When you love yourself, you take care of your own needs. Yet too often today, people (especially women) believe they must take care of other people or other responsibilities before themselves. For example:

  • Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? Are you helping others so often that you have little time to rest and relax? Do feel like you’ll rest once you retire, or once your kids are grown up? 
  • Do you find yourself saying, “I just need to get through this, and then I will rest/take a break”? 
  • Do you feel like a people pleaser or do you fear others’ disapproval of you?
  • Are you constantly feeling like you give and give, while not getting much back from others (or possibly not being able to receive support, gifts, or compliments from others)?
  • Are you often trying to set boundaries and failing?

We believe that the real health epidemic is a disconnection from self. We think that the immune system gets a little confused when you put yourself last. Science states that the root cause of nearly every chronic disease—inflammation —happens when the immune system can no longer tell the difference between what is good and bad for the body.

Metaphysically, we feel that inflammation and chronic disease are really about your body loving you enough to give you a wake-up call. It’s an invitation to listen to your body and return to a state of self-love. When babies are born, they love everything about themselves. They are fascinated by their hands and feet, and even their faeces. Over time, we are taught that things about us are wrong and bad. Too often, we become ashamed of our bodies or characteristics about ourselves, and we come to feel like we’re not good enough. We learn that “the rules,” expectations of others, and proven evidence are more important than how we feel or what we want. We are taught to listen to everyone else so much that we feel we cannot trust ourselves. It’s no surprise that under those circumstances, we’d disconnect from our inner guidance system, which Louise calls her “inner ding.” We all have one, although most of us have not been taught to listen to that inner voice, feeling, or signal that guides us.

The most beautiful thing about your body is that it has a deep knowing about what you truly need for health and happiness. In fact, one of Ahlea’s specialties is listening to what people’s bodies are asking for. She can see into the body or touch near an organ and hear what the organ is saying. She often hears what a person’s body has been trying to tell them through symptoms. Over the past ten years of working with clients, the biggest pattern Ahlea has seen is a message of fear in the kidneys. She says that the kidneys are saying they are sad and afraid because they don’t feel protected, and that overall, bodies do not feel heard. This led us to a discussion about the child inside all of us.

Too often, the inner child is forced into situations it does not want to go into, which creates a great deal of discomfort. While you may make a plan to “get through it” when you really don’t want to do something, your inner child suffers, and your organs tend to suffer as well. In order to push through things you don’t really want to do, you often have to disconnect from yourself, your inner child, or your inner guidance in some way. The power to achieve your best health goes beyond your immune system. It all starts with a little-known secret: loving yourself.

We believe that as you start to listen to your inner guidance with love, your kidneys, your immune system, and your entire body will start to feel safe. When your body feels safe, it can heal.

Just remember that your body wants to heal.


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