Book review: A field guide to happiness

Linda Leaming is the Author of this insightful new book, which delves into the concept of “unlearning” our politicised, polarised, energetic and impatient way of life. In the West, we have everything we could possibly need or want—except for peace of mind.

Linda is a harried American who travelled from Nashville, Tennessee, to the rugged Himalayan nation of Bhutan—sometimes called the happiest place on Earth—to teach English.

Forced by circumstance and the rustic surroundings, she had to embrace a simplified lifestyle and learnt to make room for more useful beliefs. The thin air and hard climbs of her mountainous commute put her deeply in touch with her breath, helping her find focus and appreciation. The archaic, glacially paced bureaucracy of a Bhutanese bank taught her to go with the flow, and take up knitting. The ancient ritual of drinking tea brought tranquillity, friendship, and, eventually, a husband. Each day, and each adventure, in her adopted home brought new insights and understandings to take back to frantic America, where she now practices the art of "simulating Bhutan."

This collection of stories, impressions, and suggestions is a little nudge, a push, a leg up into the rarefied air of paradise of bright sunlight and beautiful views.

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