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The tenth heart wrenching thriller from Australian author Michael Robotham will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s why you should add it to your ‘must read’ list.

‘Robotham is an absolute master’ - Stephen King


There are two interwoven lives which dominate this classical story of mystery and intrigue.

The action kicks off immediately in Robotham’s tenth novel as we meet the killer on page one. Aged seven, he watches his mother drive away from home, never to return.

We find him much later on a blind bend of the coastal footpath hidden by trees. As he eerily lies unseen watching the sea he says, “I don’t mind waiting. Patience is not an absence of action – it is about timing.” Later he tells us, “This is where I want to be. She will be along soon, if not today then perhaps tomorrow.” Yes, it is as creepy as it sounds.

Meanwhile Professor Roy O’Loughlan is a Clinical Psychologist. Middle aged, his personal life is in disarray but he desperately clings to hope of better days and he believes he finally has a chance to re-enter his family’s life.

Unexpectedly, he is called into a police investigation of the discovery of the murdered bodies of an attractive young woman and her teenage daughter in a lonely farmhouse.

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The cover of the thriller, 'Close Your Eyes'

Keep your night light on as while the case progresses it becomes clear that these two very different lives are heading down a path which will inevitably bring the killer and O’Loughlan’s family together in a fearsome climax.

When there are more murders O ‘Loughlan’s task is to find the motivations which bring the innocent, the not so innocent and the guilty together. Who dunnit?!

This is not a fast paced mayhem of private detection but instead is a fascinating and tortuous journey through many complicated lives. The characters are real. They fit into the quiet and beautiful background of middle England, but as the book unveils their true character, you slowly discover that they all have something to hide.

Michael Robotham’s work has been highly acclaimed. He has been twice listed for Australia’s Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel, has been shortlisted twice for the CWA Steel Dagger award and its no surprise that Stephen King says, ‘Robotham is an absolute master’.

Ian’s final verdict: Nearly 400 pages of good storytelling, blind paths, hidden pasts and a multitude of murderous mysteries, it is a very good read.

For Michael Robotham’s latest appearances around Australia visit michaelrobotham.com.


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