Boy George has revealed he uses the highly controversial method of astrology to give him an advantage on The Voice.

The pop star, 59, told 9Now on Monday that he actually used the cosmos to help him to deal with his fellow judges, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland.

Delta's star sign is Taurus, which means George knows she is “practical and emotional” but also “highly stubborn”.

“If you look up the word stubborn in the dictionary, there's a picture of Delta looking gorgeous,” he said. 

Former Australian Idol winner Guy is a Scorpio, which makes him “strong and opinionated” but also a “peacemaker”

“So what Guy does is he'll say something b****y and when you pull him up on it, he'll go, ‘Oh no, I was only joking!'” George explained.

George also isn't surprised by Aquarian Kelly's long-running feud with Guy.

“Aquarians get up in the morning and sit down and go, ‘How can I make my life more difficult today?’” he said.

Despite being able to nitpick his fellow judges personalities and quirks, he admitted that astrology has also given him the grace and understanding to forgive his co-stars when they cause drama and display bad on-set behaviour as he knows they “can’t help it”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.