The owner of a burger store in NSW has been forced to apologise after a social media post went viral for being racist.

Downtown Brookly Penrith wrote a social media post on January 27th that referenced Invasion Day protestors as “bandwagoners”.

“3 great things about today!” the restaurant wrote on Facebook while referencing one of its burgers.

“364 more sleeps til we have to listen to the Invasion Day bandwagoners again!”

People were furious by the post, including former Labor MP Emma Husar who shared the post on her social media page.

“Well, this level of racism is disappointing [and] also stupid,” she said.

“Western Sydney is home to the largest numbers of First Nations people in a metro setting.”

The owner of Downtown Brooklyn Chris O’Shae said that the post in question “may have pushed the boundaries a bit too far”.

“The point #3 was made in regards to social influencers and how they love to jump on bandwagons,” he said in a public apology.

“They use these days to support an issue for the likes or clout, then move on to the next one, forgetting about the true cause.

“Unfortunately somewhere along the line, this has been misconstrued as being racist, and it has taken off from there.”

He said that it was “never meant to be a racist or hateful post”.

The apology was slammed for “backpedalling”.

“Too late for an apology. You thought you could spew racist remarks about Aboriginal people and then tried to apologize. We don’t accept your feeble excuse,” one commenter wrote.

One commenter pointed out that the burger joint has shut down their Instagram.

“Interesting that you’ve closed down your IG? I guess it’s just easier to shut down all your pages than cover up all the gross things that were said,” they said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.