A 100-year-old grandmother has broken down in tears while exploring her hometown in Armenia through the use of a virtual reality headset.

The woman, who now lives in the US, became emotional while using VR to take a tour around her hometown of Vagharshapat – something she never thought she would do again.

Upon seeing the Etchmiadzin Cathedral that she used to visit as a child, she was hit by a wave of emotion and started to tear up.

The woman’s granddaughter, Michelle, captured the heart-warming moment and shared it on TikTok, where it racked up over three million views in just a few days.

Michelle captioned the video, “Showing my 100-year-old Armenian grandma the Etchmiadzin Cathedral in virtual reality,” that shows her grandmother, whom they call Nene.

Nene dons the extravagant VR headset while her family members instruct her to look around, as they follow what she is seeing on their own screen.

Suddenly, Nene becomes emotional, as someone behind the camera asks, “Why are you crying?”

“It’s so beautiful,” she responds, attempting to wipe away her tears with a tissue.

The breathtaking Etchmiadzin Cathedral is often considered the oldest cathedral in the world, and a shrine for Armenian Christians.

The comments on Michelle’s video were flooded by people praising the sweet gesture, as one person said, “This is what VR should be used for.”

Another commenter noted, “She went from a time when televisions didn’t exist to VR in her living room. Protect and love this sweet woman.”

Image credits: TikTok @shmellywelly

This article first appeared on Over60.