Delta Goodrem has a confession make – she was 27 when she had her first alcoholic drink.

“I’d worked from such a young age that it wasn’t until my late twenties that I finally started to have my teenage years,” Goodrem told News Corp Australia yesterday.

“I had so much going on in my teens there wasn’t really the space to have a few drinks and have my friends look after me. But in my late twenties I had that period of self-discovery, things had started to get a bit much for me around that time. The lyrics mention how I was trying to numb the pain around me. It was an interesting chapter in my life.”

Goodrem made the revelation in her first book, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, the companion piece to her new album of the same name.

Both will be released on May 14.

“One day I’d like to write an autobiography, but right now I’m happy to share my stories through music. This book is about the making of the album, the stories behind each song and what I learned while I was making. And there’s definitely parts of my life I haven’t spoken about before in this book.”

As well as a hardcover book, Goodrem has also recorded an audiobook with special acoustic versions of songs from her sixth album.

Her admission about not drinking until she was 27 is the opening line of her new single Billionaire, released today.

The album includes a song, Crash, where she talks about being born two months premature, while Dear Elton is a love letter to the musician who helped her fall back in love with the piano.

“Every record I have a different goal, this one was about being at my instrument, being the barefoot singer songwriter, going back to what is real and raw and honest, not trying to chase anything just being present in the music.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.