In a display of age-defying vigour and musicality, an older pianist’s performance has gone viral as she plays for a crowd on a humble street piano.

The footage, captured by the YouTube channel, Life Goes On In Iran, while travelling through Russia, shows the pianist playing Franz Liszt’s fiendishly tricky Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

Despite the poor condition of the piano, her performance demonstrated her skills clearly.

After the clip went viral, the mystery musician’s identity was discovered.

She is Eleonora Arkadevya Breslav, from Kazan, Russia, who graduated from Kazan’s music college in 1953 and worked as an accompanist there for five years afterwards.

Eleonora also worked at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, one of the great opera and ballet houses of the world, as an accompanist.

Viewers were amazed by Eleonora’s skill, sharing their praise for her playing in the comments.

“If her fingers are so nimble at this age, you can just imagine what she was like when she was young,” one remarked.

“This is a great example of ‘Talent never dies!’” another said.

Image: Life Goes on in Iran / YouTube

This article originally appeared on Over60.