'Fair Go' - the game you should be playing with your grandkids.

(Image for illustration purposes only. Game in the image is not the Fair Go game.)

‘Fair Go’ is a new family board game, made in Australia and specifically designed for Generation Z.

Invented by Australian teacher Andrea Thompson, ‘Fair Go’ immerses young people in a place where things are as they could be – where winners are rewarded for doing something great as opposed to a game that's based on pure luck. It is designed to find the winner with the best reputation for philanthropy and social justice.

It’s a game about choice and decision making – players decide when they will become the next industry leader, not fate or the roll of a dice.

The game is family friendly with each game taking less than an hour – and it’s a fantastic chance for a bit of family bonding!

Will you find a cure for cancer, save a coral reef or lose your possessions through poor business decisions? Play ‘Fair Go’ and may the best player win.

Find out more and watch a vide on how to play the game here.

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