Ageism in the media is far from a new concept. With many actresses speaking up about the unfair advantage those who are younger receive when it comes to obtaining coveted roles and opportunities. But while the topic is important to touch on, us mere mortals may find it hard to relate to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

It’s been a point of discussion for a few years now, with starlets coming out and voicing their concerns over pay disparities compared to their male counterparts. And while it’s unfair, human nature is a fickle thing, where we tend to sympathise with those we can relate to.

Actress and legend, Helen Mirren is known to be intelligent and eloquent, so when she raised her voice against the disadvantage’s women face on and off screen, you know that her argument would raise some valid points.

Speaking to Variety magazine for their “Power of Women” issue, the 73-year-old said that ageism in Hollywood isn’t just about what happens on-screen, but also what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.

When The Queen star was asked about how she views the changing landscape of women in media, she said: “I have witnessed such a huge change. The biggest change for me, and the best change, is to see women on the set, in the crew. It wasn’t that long ago I saw my first female electrician. And to me, that’s really exciting. That’s a really big change, because that was such a macho, male world.”

Women have made a huge impact on the film industry, but despite their contribution, they are some of the most underrepresented. According to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film (2015-16), only 9% of directors were women at the time of the study.

That percentage is exactly the same figure as 1998.

Here’s to hoping that number increases in the coming years.

Do you agree with Helen Mirren’s sentiments?

This article originally appeared on Over60.