Channel Seven’s long-running drama Home and Away has resumed filming after a nine-week shut down due to coronavirus.

The show hasn’t been filmed since March, but the longest serving cast member is eager to get started.

Ray Meagher, who plays beloved Alf Stewart, is excited to return after two months in isolation.

“It is so fabulous to be back on set and to get out of the house,” Ray Meagher told Confidential.

“It’s wonderful to be here — we just need to keep our wits about us and make sure we all do the right things.

“When you first arrive, it’s a temperature test, and once you’ve passed that then you wash your hands … in fact my hands are cleaner than they’ve ever been, I reckon I could perform open-heart surgery.”

Meagher was quick to explain that their management are following protocol.

“There are signs everywhere that our management are following the protocols to a tee, which is fantastic because now that we’re back, we want to stay back so we’re all very conscious of doing it the right way.”

A spokesman for Channel Seven has confirmed this.

“A range of measures will be in place to minimise risk for the cast and crew, to be overseen by dedicated safety officers.

The measures include temperature check on arrival, increased hygiene practices and rigorous cleaning schedules.”

Actors will also be able to socially distance on set thanks to some clever rewrites, the spokesperson continued.

“Scripts will also be reworked to reduce closer contact, in constant consultation with the cast and crew to ensure the health and safety of all,” the statement said. 

This article originally appeared on Over60.