Larry Emdur is in the middle of spilling hot goss about the industry and fellow colleagues as he promotes his new book, Happy As.

The Channel Seven host appeared on the I’ve Got News For You podcast and spoke about how Lisa Wilkinson “betrayed” him.

Emdur explained that he was trying to coach Wilkinson into taking a seat on then Weekend Sunrise as his co-host.

A few weeks after her audition for the morning program, Emdur introduced Wilkinson to Karl Stefanovic at the Logies.

And it was from there that Emdur’s “beef” with Stefanovic began, after Karl stole Wilkinson to be his co-host instead on The Today Show.

“In the weeks after that audition, I introduced Lisa to Karl Stefanovic at the Logies,” Emdur said.

“And then he went about his sneaky little ways, which he does, and he somehow dragged Lisa over to the Today Show.”

Despite all this, Emdur insists there are no hard feelings because it turned out to be the “right move” for Wilkinson, who ended up co-hosting The Today Show for 10 years beside Stefanovic.

“I think Lisa had different things to do other than The Morning Show at the time, so it was a reasonable move and actually made sense, so we went back to audition a few more people and eventually landed with Kylie (Gillies) on the couch, which was just a magnificent result.”

Emdur said he and Wilkinson continue to “laugh about it all the time”.

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