How to: Stream music online

These days there are so many options for listening to music both offline and online. One of the perks of online radio is that you have greater variety with fewer ads all the while being able to tailor a playlist to your individual music taste. In this how-to-guide, we look at the online music provider Spotify which is very easy and free to use with a basic account.

What is Spotify?
Spotify is an online music-streaming service that you can download onto your computer or use while online (either way, you will need to have a decent Internet connection).
You can stream many different types of music on the service by simply typing the band or artists name into the search bar on the top-left. While Spotify has a HUGE music collection, there are a few record labels that won’t allow their bands or artists to have the music available on Spotify – so unfortunately some albums from The Beatles haven’t been made available yet!

How do I use it?
There a three main ways to get started: Free, unlimited ($4.99/month) and Premium ($9.99/month).
There’s nothing wrong with getting started on a free account – it just means every now and then ads will interrupt your music or play list – not unlike a radio station.
Spotify gives you the option to create and share your own playlists. So if you’re wanting to educate your children or grandchildren on some classic hits from your youth, you have an avenue to do so.
Spotify also includes a radio feature which picks songs at random based on your previous song choices. This is a great way to discover new artists within a genre that you like.

What kinds of music can I find on it?
Not all artists or labels can be found on Spotify but you can find anything from songs categorised in decades (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc) to travel tunes, sleep playlists, Jazz and Blues, country and plenty more. You can either search by band name, artist name, song title, or select a pre made playlist like a top 100 or just pick a radio station tailored to your wants and needs. If you prefer listening on you mobile you can download the free Spotify App from the App store and listen on the go or at the gym.

How do I make a playlist?
First, go to your account or ‘Your Music’ section and select ‘New playlist.’ You can name your playlist whatever you like and once it’s saved go to the search bar and start typing. By typing in a band/artist or song you’ll hopefully find what you’re looking for and by right clicking on the song you can instantly add it to any of your playlist.
If you’re more of a visual learning have a look at the video below.