Back for a second season, Janet King is compelled by her own demons to expose the truth and must confront political and personal enemies that will lead to a shocking reveal that threatens all she holds dear.

“The second season is again an astutely realised mystery, shading over into courtroom drama and tapping fluently into the mythology of crime fiction” - Graeme Blundell, The Australian 

Janet -king -press -crop -wyza -com -au-
Janet King is played by actress Marta Dusseldorp (Photo: Kate Ryan)

Conscripting solicitors Richard Stirling (Hamish Michael) and Lina Badir (Andrea Demetriades), and the ambitious Owen Mitchell (Damian Walshe-Howling) as Counsel Assisting, and with coercive powers Detective Andy Campbell can only dream of, Janet and her team peel back the complex layers of intrigue underpinning the illicit trade in weapons.

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Janet is seconded from the DPP to lead a Royal Commission into a deadly upsurge in gun crime (Photo: Andy Baker) 

'Now it's Marta Dusseldorp's turn as TV's leading lady' - Debbie Enker, The Sydney Morning Herald 

The competition to win the second season on DVD has ended.

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