A new job listing on an American site is asking for the perfect Karen to review products online for a whopping $65/hour. 

A job listing by US site is copping criticism for seeking someone “hypercritical and opinionated” to write three product reviews per week, while answering and maintaining a “Call-a-Karen” service.

The job listing says that “the right ‘Karen’ will start off with a three-month contract with the intention to extend if the service becomes popular.

“We are recruiting a woman to write three (honest) reviews a week for our website, as well as be the voice and authority behind our Call-A-Karen service, which will see potential customers call for advice and recommendations on (dehumidifier) products,” the listing reads.

The name “Karen” has been used in the past to describe an “angry, entitled” white woman of privilege who will often want to ”speak to the manager” to complain about the tiniest inconveniences.

“Being a ‘Karen’ in 2020 probably means you’re going to have a hard time, but I wonder how many people stop and think about the potential benefits of being or knowing a ‘Karen’”, said Oliver Perryman, founder of

“We want to utilise a ‘Karen’s’ best assets and use it to ensure that we are not only providing the best experience onsite, but also helping members of the public to find the best product for them.”

The company is offering a remote position, with the potential Karen working with a company phone and “flexible hours”.

The site states that any applicants need to be over the age of 21, must speak English and have a professional phone manner for the Call-a-Karen service.

Applications close on Monday, August 31.

This article originally appeared on Over60.