Karl Stefanovic was on the receiving end of a brutal roast by Nine’s political editor Chris Uhlmann on Tuesday morning’s show.

The Today Show co-host was discussing with Uhlmann about opposition leader Anthony Albanese forgetting the unemployment rate or the RBA cash rate at an awkward press conference on Monday.

The pair were debating on how Albanese will recover from the error, which occurred on the first day of the election campaign, when Uhlmann took his first dig at Karl.

“It’s like when we all make mistakes, and when you make mistakes in broadcasting, Karl,” he said.

“You can’t dwell on it, because then the next performance is affected by that. You have to be able to get it out of your head.”

“’What do you mean? When I went to sleep interviewing you yesterday?” Karl joked.

Uhlmann was not letting Karl get away with it before biting back: “That was bad, I think that’s going to resonate through your career.

“But when I think of some of the things you’ve done in your career, mate, I’m surprised you’re standing there!”

Karl tried to laugh off the sledge and agreed with Uhlmann: “Same, same, same! Don’t worry about that, you’re not the only one!”

“It’s a mystery to us all!” Uhlmann continued.

“When I said the other day, this is like a biblical test. We are in the middle of Lent, which runs 40 days. That’s one of the numbers in the bible that recurs more than 100 times, 40 days spent in the desert.

“This is a trial that’s going on right now, but there is the possibility of both crucifixion and then redemption at the end.’

“We all know at the end of these 40 days who gets redeemed. Like you.’

Unsure of what to say, Karl said: “Second comings and all that. We like that, don’t we?”

“Ah, dear. It’s always better the second time around, Karl! See you, mate,” Uhlmann replied.

Still taken aback at the conversation, Karl stumbled saying: “That’s it for him… for another day.”

Despite not referencing anything specific about Karl, Uhlmann appeared to be alluding to the co-hosts redemption on the show after being fired.

Karl was dumped as co-host of The Today Show following serious scrutiny of his personal life after getting divorced and marrying Jasmine Yarborough.

The show was also experiencing bad ratings which saw Karl let go while on his honeymoon in December 2018.

Image: The Today Show

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