Kris Kringle gifts for the family

Kris Kringle, otherwise known as Secret Santas, is a popular gift-giving tradition amongst family members and groups at Christmas time. Members of the group/family are assigned to one person who they then anonymously give a gift too. The tradition is popular especially in big families as it saves members having to buy a present for every single person.

Kris Kringle can be great fun, but how do you choose a gift your KK will love? No matter their age there are plenty of creative and original options that will leave them thrilled. 

Kids love to get creative. Buy them a do-it-yourself craft kit, a model train, boat or airplane. If they are obsessed with superheroes like Captain America or love Disney’s Frozen, get them a book of colouring pages, cut outs or stickers of their hero. For those who love the outdoors, give them a new sports item like a cricket bat or supplies for their next adventure, for example, camping gear. Other options include a toy from their favourite TV show, a classic family game like Monopoly, or an animated movie you can watch together.

While a gift voucher can be ideal for a teenager, chat to their parents to find out what their interests are. For the adventurous teens you could give them a voucher to go rock climbing or go-karting. Another option is a quirky poster or T-shirt depicting their favourite personality or buy them a DVD or CD they really want. For something more meaningful and long-lasting, why not give them a family heirloom?

The In-laws
Whether it’s your daughter or son- in- law, make sure you do your research. Check with their partner before purchasing or making anything for them. Perhaps there is a particular concert, show or sports event they are itching to go to and purchase tickets for them. If they like to pot around the house, perhaps a book, gardening supplies, nice wine glasses or a water flavour infuser would suit their needs. 

You know your partner better than anyone else, so create or select a personal gift that will be meaningful to your loved one. For him, a beautiful silk tie, customised cufflinks or a new watch or collectors item. For her, an exclusive perfume, a voucher for a pampering experience or a piece of jewellery. For a gift that is mutually beneficial how about a wine tasting experience, a cooking class or a night out on the town including dinner and theatre tickets. 

What's the best Kris Kringle gift you've ever received?