Kyly Clarke has revealed just exactly why she was seen on the northern beaches of Sydney alongside her ex-husband Michael, over the weekend.

Pip Edwards, who briefly dated the cricket star in 2020, confirmed the pair were back together.

“I wish them well,” Edwards told the Daily Mail.

Michael and Kyly were also spotted spending quality time with their daughter Kelsey-Lee.

However, Michael put an end to the rumours altogether on Friday morning, telling The Kyle and Jackie O Show he and Kyly are not back together.

Kylie, 39, who also joined the TV show, Channel 7’s The Morning Show, vehemently denied any of the rumours about her and Michael.

“A family holiday, it’s a great opportunity to get everyone together,” she said on Monday morning.

“Kelsey-Lee’s aunty, uncle and cousins were there, and I think like anything, you’re trying your best to put your daughter first and prioritise her and she really had a ball.

“It’s fantastic, it’s what anyone would want to achieve or try to achieve if you’re in this position, and I think her smile on her face says everything.”

The couple met when they were just kids, at a sports school in Sydney. The pair did not date until many years later.

“Kyly and I have said it from day one — we have such a great friendship, and the fact we can do that for our daughter, I don’t think there’d be a husband and a wife, or an ex-husband and wife that are not together, that wouldn’t want that for their child,” he told The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“Kyly’s such a natural parent, she’s an amazing mum. For me, I’m learning as I go. I got 50 per cent custody of my daughter, so I love seeing her.

“Kyly and I are speaking nearly every day, because I’m asking for advice … even down to food. If Kyly’s making her something when she’s with her, I’m saying, ‘Kyly, why does she love your lamb but she doesn’t love mine?’

“I need the help as well … our friendship is so important for our daughter.”