Lisa Wilkinson has offered a sheepish apology to Matthew McConaughey during an interview on Tuesday’s episode of The Project.

‘I must say belatedly on behalf of the women of Australia, I’m really sorry, because I recently learned that, according to you, Australian chicks didn’t dig you,’ said the 61-year-old Project panelist.

Matthew, 52, claims he had no recollection of having ever made the comment, after spending a year in Australia as an exchange student when he was 18.

He spent a year on the NSW Central Coast during what he described as a ‘formative’ time spent abroady.

As Lisa asked, ‘What did we do wrong?’, a confused Matthew simply responded, ‘Did I say that?’

He added: ‘It might’ve been more my fault. It was a formative year but it was an awkward year as well. So a lot of the blame is probably on me for that.’

In his autobiography titled Greenlights, Matthew confessed he struggled to ‘maintain my sanity in the strange place I was in’. Adding that he got ‘very thin’ during his year abroad in Australia, and worked six different jobs during his time here.

‘I also decided to become abstinent for the rest of the year, which still had nine months in it,’ he wrote.

‘I started believing that my life’s calling was to become a monk. I made plans to go to South Africa after my year’s exchange and free Nelson Mandela.’

He shared that he was enrolled at an ‘awkward’ high school where he complained ‘everyone wore uniforms and played tag at lunch’.

‘No one wanted to party and the chicks were not digging me,’ he added.

Image: The Project & Getty 

This article first appeared on Over60.