Lisa Wilkinson left her celebrity interview, Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb, red-faced during an interview on The Sunday Project.

The veteran journalist decided to thank the celebrity musician for their most memorable trait – their tight pants.

“I have to tell you, Barry, I was a teenager in the ’70s when [the Staying Alive music video] came out,” Lisa said.

“Oh those white pants. I want to say, belatedly, thank you.”

Barry Gibb sat awkwardly laughing before Lisa went on to ask him: “Did you have to be convinced to wear those?”

The How Deep Is Your Love singer responded: “I remember how difficult they were to get on and how difficult to get off.”

“Did that give the falsettos extra oomph? Took you up half an octave surely,” Lisa went on to cheekily ask.

Barry jokingly replied: “Are you suggesting that the tight pants were responsible for the falsetto? I take issue with that. I thought your voice got deeper.”

Barry also gushed over his wife of 50 years, Linda Gray, saying they are “very happy and the tight pants don’t fit anymore”

Lisa asked: “Has she ever asked you to put them back on again?”

Gibb responded: “I have tried and failed. Those days are over love.”

Barry Gibb joined The Sunday Project just released his new country album, Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1.

It will feature appearances from Keith Urban, Dolly Parton and Sheryl Crow.

This article originally appeared on Over60.