The holiday season comes but once a year – and that’s more than enough for the Cooper family.

In this hilarious and heartwarming comedy, the family brace themselves for their annual Christmas Eve celebration.

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With her marriage on the rocks, Charlotte Cooper (Diane Keaton) has just one wish – to bring the whole family together for one last perfect Christmas. But with grand plans to rekindle the spark in their relationship, Charlotte’s husband Sam (John Goodman) is determined to use the holiday season to win her back.

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They aren’t the only ones trying to conceal the less than perfect aspects of their lives. Their perennially single daughter Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) persuades a charming soldier (Jake Lacy) she meets at the airport to pose as her boyfriend, and their son Hank (Ed Helms) is struggling with single parenthood. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s sister Emma (Marisa Tomei) has a run-in with the law on the day of the gathering.

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From the producers of The Family Stone, and boasting an all-star cast, Love the Coopers is a fun, riotous ride through the joy and chaos of Christmas. . . and nobody does chaos quite like the Coopers.

Love the Coopers is available to own on digital from Febraury 24 and on DVD from March 9.

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