A man has copped a $114 fine for breaking a “ridiculous” parking rule that he had no idea about, and has warned others to be aware of the risks.

The man claims he received a ticket from the NSW Police Force for “not locking doors secure windows”, while parking on Military Road in North Bondi.

“Don’t accidentally leave your car window down in Bondi,” he wrote on Facebook.

Not pulling up your windows is against the law.

NSW Road Rules states that a vehicle must be secured, if the driver is more than three metres from the closest part of the vehicle and no one is in the vehicle.

Though, the legislation notes a window is secure “even if it is open by up to 2 centimetres”.

A driver can receive a maximum of 20 penalty points for leaving a window down.

“I had no idea that was an offence,” one person wrote in the comments of the man’s post.

“This so Sydney,” another person added.

A third person said: “This is so stupid. Don’t pay it and go to court.”

“It’s such a ridiculous fine. Revenue raising at it’s finest,” someone else wrote.

This article originally appeared on Over60.