Diana Krall is one of the best Jazz pianists and vocalist around today. She has won multiple awards and sold millions of albums since beginning her recording career. Her smooth as velvet voice takes you on a beautiful journey on this latest album 'Wallflower'.

The album is full of great renditions of some of the all time classic songs penned by the likes of Randy Newman, Elton John, Bob Dylan the Carpenters and Jim Croce.

If you want an album that takes you away with some of the smoothest renditions of these classics, you will ever hear, then you must get this album.

With the legendary David Foster producing this album it does not fail to deliver, with Diana’s own unique covers of Desperado, I’m Not In Love Alone Again Naturally, Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over and the old Mamas and Papas 60’s classic Californian Dreamin’.

This is a stunningly beautiful album and well worth a listen.

Diana _krall