Must have apps for your smartphone

Apps put the ‘smart’ in smartphones. They’re little programs that cover entertainment, communication, fitness and health and are also great at organising your life! They can be an excellent way to pass the time, catch up with the news, do your banking and much more. They’re also cheap; in fact, many are free and the rest are usually less than $5.

In this how-to-guide, we’ll show you how to find and install apps on your smartphone and add a whole new dimension to your life.

Finding apps
Open either the Apple appstore (on your iPhone) or the Google Play store (on your Android phone, eg Samsung, Sony, LG). Here you can use a search function to browse exclusively in the category you’re in-terested in - for example movies and gardening - and see what the most highly rated apps are. In the Ap-ple appstore, these are located in a column in the right hand side. If you already know the name of the app you’re seeking, use the search box to find it.

Installing apps
Once you’ve found an app you’re interested in, press the ‘free’, ‘buy’ or ‘install’ button. If prompted, enter your app-store password. The app should start installing on your phone immidiately. When it’s ready, just touch the app’s icon to start using it. Just remember that downloading and using apps may use phone data - and some plans charge high fees if you exceed your limit.

5 great apps to get you started

Allows you to video call anyone interstate or overseas for free, using internet data.

Sleep cycle
This app analyses your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase, meaning you wake up feeling refreshed.

This app brings the vast world of the ABC to your fingertips. From reading news articles, to listening to the radio to live streaming from ABC News 24, it’s got you covered.

Never get caught out in the rain again! This app shows you a radar to spot rain or storms nearby, along with a detailed 7-day forecast for your area.

Traffic Light Food Tracker
This Australian app allows you to type in the nutritional numbers on a food product, and it warns you if content like salt or saturated fat is higher than is nutritionally recommended.

Go on get appy! What apps do you use? Leave a comment below.