Starring Robert Downey Junior and Robert Duvall, 'The Judge' is the story of an estranged family, who are brought together again under unusual circumstances.

Robert Downey Jr stars as Hank Palmer, a big city lawyer who returns to his hometown after his mother's death. Hank is forced to see his estranged father again for the first time in years. Another tragedy strikes and Hank's father Judge Joseph Palmer is a suspect in a hit and run, even though he denies any wrongdoing.

What follows is a series of dramatic events, proving that no matter what happens, you always need your family around you in times of need. Intense, but powerful 'The Judge' carefully explores the dynamics of dysfunctional and complex relationships as well as the power of forgiveness.  

Critics praise:

"The Judge is excellent" - ABC News

 "The Judge is well served by intense performances from stars Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall" - The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is available for purchase on DVD or for download.

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