Sunrise hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr have been slammed for allowing a controversial critic to go on their show in the wake of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial.

US commentator and critic Cooper Lawrence appeared on the breakfast show on Wednesday slamming Heard following her loss against ex-husband Depp.

She said that the Aquaman 2 actress was still trying to “continue the toxic relationship” with Depp despite filing for divorce herself in 2016.

“Remember they had divorced in 2017, things were over, she said I want him to move on, I want to move on, but then she wrote this article and she’s been poking the bear ever since because she still wants him in her life even if it’s in a negative way … They do have a toxic relationship and she clearly wants to continue it,” Lawrence told the hosts.

“I was kinda looking for her to be more likeable and more honest here and to say all the things we’ve been hoping she’d say all along which she does for like two seconds, but then she goes back to her whole, ‘Johnny’s an abuser, he’s a liar, etc’ … it’s weird.”

The 36-year-old lost the defamation case in which Depp argued that she had defamed him by referring to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018.

Depp was awarded $14.4 million (AUD) in damages after the jury ruled his side.

Heard has an interview coming up in which she admits to having “so much regret” with her marriage to Depp.

Lawrence accused the actress of “lying again” and that she just wanted the attention on herself.

“I think she’s on the ‘you need to listen to me tour’,” Lawrence said.

“Yet she has these awkward moments that she had during the trial where you’re kind of like ‘Wait, are you lying again?’ It’s like she can’t get her own story straight that she memorised for this interview, and she’s not even under oath.”

Australian feminist writer Clementine Ford called out the program for allowing Lawrence on the show, particularly when Heard in fact won the case in the UK.

“Why is @sunriseon7 so invested in wheeling out people to continually pile on to a woman who has already had 12 out of 14 allegations of domestic abuse against her agreed with in a UK court? Why is it so important to them that their viewers be fed the villainous woman fiction?” she tweeted.

Others agreed with Ford but there is still strong support for Depp after he won the case.

Images: Sunrise

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