Experience the adventure of building the Canadian Pacific Railway in Rocky Mountains Express and explore otherworldly realms in America Wild 3D.

America Wild 

America Wild 3D celebrates the majesty of the great outdoors and wonders of nature, while highlighting the importance of protecting our planet’s wild places. 

Two-time Academy Award®-nominated director Greg MacGillivray said, “People from all over the world come to experience the wonders of nature in America’s national parks, which really belong to all of humanity. Our hope is that America Wild 3D will encourage our audiences to discover the beauty and sanctuary of these American treasures, and to go out and explore their own parks and outdoor spaces, wherever they may be.” 

Moviegoers will soar over red rock canyons, hurtle down steep mountain peaks and explore otherworldly realms within more than 30 of America’s national parks.

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American Wild will show at IMAX Sydney from 25 February 2016

Rocky Mountains Express

Rocky Mountains Express highlights the adventure of building the Canadian Pacific Railway, one of the greatest engineering feats of all time.

Rocky Mountains Express is a culmination of award-winning Canadian filmmaker Stephen Low’s remarkable 30-year career. Low’s love of high-fidelity cinema and his fascination with the steam locomotive have come together in this giant screen experience that brings alive the magic and drama of the steam age for audiences of all ages.

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Rocky Mountains Express will show at IMAX Sydney from 11 February 2016

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(Image credit: David Fortney)

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