One moment please - Book review

Studies suggest many of us are spending more than half of our time distracted, doing one thing but thinking about something else. But it’s making us unhappier, unproductive, uncaring, and unfulfilled.

According to Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse, authors of 'One Moment Please: it’s time to pay attention.'

When you harness the power of attention, life changes in surprising ways: relationships deepen, experiences become more meaningful and things unfold with greater harmony.

Their book One Moment Please suggests that the answer could be simpler than we think. “If we remembered to give one moment of full attention each day then we would see great benefit.”

Life is a string of moments. One moment of full attention can calm a child, it can save a relationship, it can tame a busy mind or make the day of a stranger.

“We have no doubt that it could change the world.” And it seems a change in this area is just what the world needs.

Your attention is fragile and, by taking care of it in a few simple ways, it will reward you with the vibrancy of a full life. If you want to be more present, live more fully and experience the magic of life...take one moment, please.

How To Take Command of Your Attention:

1. Enjoy empty space. Idle time is not wasted time. Attention needs space to rest, recover and reorient itself. When you’re waiting in line, waiting for a friend, or waiting for the light to change, resist the temptation to check your messages. Idle moments allow attention todive deep, reflect, be creative and gain insight.

2. Focus on one thing at a time. Busy is not better. Multitasking reduces productivity and damages your brain. But it’s also addictive. You might find it hard to focus on one thing at a time, but rest assured it is much more productive, enjoyable and rewarding.

3. Attend to the things that matter most. Attention is a limited resource, and you simply can’t give it to everything every day. When you are clear on who and what matters most, you can give your attention generously, and navigate successfully past the distractions that will try to steal it.

Susan and Martina are passionate about inspiring everyone to act now, to save a most fragile and precious resource: attention.

One moment please will be available for purchase in March 2015.