The largest city lighting event in the world has begun and is bigger and better than ever! Vivid Sydney is lighting up the Harbour for 18 nights from Friday May 22 to Monday June 8.

One sculpture in particular has captured our attention this year, as two young local designers have successfully launched the biggest sculpture ever inspired by Vivid. At a whopping 15 metres x 15 metres, ‘Affinity’ has been designed to raise awareness for Alzheimers Australia.

"We wanted to engage people by reminding them of the value of their most precious asset, their memories,"  says Simone Chua, from Amigo & Amigo.

Who are the designers?
Simone Chua, 28, and Renzo Barriga-Larriviere, 28, are close friends and passionate designers, who together form Amigo & Amigo - an exciting local design company.

It is the third year in a row that these two young designers have participated in Vivid Sydney, showcasing yet another impressive installation.


What makes this art work so unique?
This spectacular light display is a web of 70 enormous darkened globes. Each globe lying dormant except for a small, curious trail of light bouncing playfully between them.

“As participants touch each orb the sculpture comes to life, bombarding the audience with waves of colourful light and the sound of unravelling memories. The experience is designed to mimick the human mind; fast paced, colourful and exciting," says Simone Chua from Amigo & Amigo.

The 'Affinity experience' enables users to feel as though they are literally walking through a web of memories in the human brain. This unique sculpture aims to highlight the very real process in which one thinks, remembers, and stores individual memories. Affinity has certainly succeeded in showcasing and acknowledging Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects sufferers each day.

Vivid Sydney 2015_Affinity_First Fleet Park_DB_DNSW_081

Affinity has been brought to life thanks to:
Amigo & Amigo - sculpture design
S1T2 - creative digital agency
OnLED Lighting - engineering
Intel - sponsors 

Are you concerned about forgetfulness? Find out if your memory lapses could be a sign of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, read more here

You can also call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 for support and advice regarding health, financial and counselling services in your area.