A woman in Sydney has gone viral on TikTok after filming herself performing a toilet paper stunt at a Sydney Woolworths during the current COVID-19 outbreak and resurgence of panic buying.

The video depicts a young woman standing in the back aisle of a Woolies with empty shelves, with a stacked pallet of toilet paper packets sitting in the middle of the aisle.

In the footage, the woman is seen running up and jumping onto the pallet, sending packs of toilet paper to the floor and squashing others.

She then raises her hands, cheering and celebrating with two other female friends before the video ends.

Since the video was uploaded on Monday, June 28, it has amassed more than 167,800 views, 3400 likes, and 124 shares.

Many of the comments criticised the woman for her actions, especially with current shortages of the valuable product.

“You just jumped on Sydney’s most wanted product at the moment,” one user wrote.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” another said.

“Enjoy your 10 minutes of fame,” a third wrote, while another described it as an act of “stupidity”.

The woman has responded to the backlash with sarcastic comments and laughing emojis on both her TikTok video and her Instagram account.

“The stupidity in this video is truly strong,” one person commented.

“It’s pretty stupid aye hahah thx,” she replied.

A Woolworths spokesperson has also made a statement regarding the video.

“We’ve been made aware of a video on social media which appears to be in one of our stores,” the spokesperson told 7News.

“We’re currently looking into the circumstances surrounding it.”

As a result of the panic buying, both Woolworths and Coles have had to reintroduce shopping limits on toilet paper.

Image: Yahoo!News

This article originally appeared on Over60.