The Queen has reportedly agreed on a core group of eight senior royals to conduct official duties as part of a slimmed-down monarchy.

Her Majesty is thrilled with the new lineup that must be “seen to be believed”.

The new group includes Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Edward, the Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne and the Queen.

Some notable exceptions from that group include Prince Harry, Prince Philip and Prince Andrew.

The new group was pictured together for the first time this week as they paid tribute to Britain’s health heroes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Prince Charles has been the leader of this notion of a slimmed-down monarchy for quite some time,” Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers, who broke the story, told Sunrise.“We’re seeing a new royal family evolve,” he explained, adding that the group had been dubbed the ‘New Firm.’

“Senior courtiers are very, very keen of everyone supporting each other, getting out, fulfilling their duty.”

“2021 is going to be a big year for all of them.”’

This article originally appeared on Over60.

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