Sylvia Jeffreys is one busy mum. When she’s not in the TV spotlight alongside David Campbell on hit breakfast show Today Extra, she’s at home getting ready for the arrival of her second baby boy as well as looking after one-year-old Oscar.

Thankfully, her mum Janine flew to Sydney to celebrate Oscar’s first birthday so she’s able to get some peace.

Peace is quickly disrupted after Oscar is solidly standing and grabbing onto a flower.

“To see him standing like this for an extended period is a first,” Sylvia, 34, explained to Now To Love.

“Because we’re so on edge, waiting for him to take a few steps, which could happen any day now, we’re always ready with the phone to capture that moment. This is a very proud mum moment.”

The Stefanovic and Jeffrey family waited for years for Oscar’s arrival, who was conceived through IVF, despite Jeffreys being upset she might never have a child of her own.

“There were a million stories written about me being pregnant while I was trying to get pregnant and not being able to,” she said.

“That was probably more upsetting than any of the other ridiculous things you read [about yourself] because it’s just so insensitive.”

The second time round, the family is more prepared.

“The second time around it was… spontaneous I’d say,” Sylvia says, chuckling.

“We hadn’t planned to go down that path so soon, but having had not an entirely easy path the first time around, you can’t be anything but thankful or grateful to have fallen pregnant this way.

“Having said that, it’s definitely a tight turnaround and people think we’re nuts! When we tell them our boys will be 14 or 15 months apart, they roll their eyes and say, ‘Good luck!’ But the silver lining is that, with the world being the way it is right now, we’re not missing out on anything being stuck in the baby bubble. So we may as well stay here in the zone and ride it out.”

Despite wanting a big family like the one she grew up with, Jeffreys is quick to joke she’s not Octomum.

“Look, I’m no Octomom – we’re not going to pump out a dozen,” she says with a laugh.

“But both Pete and I grew up really close to our cousins and aunts and uncles, and we’d like to replicate that for our children. We’ve been fortunate that, on both sides of our family, Oscar was born at a similar time to other babies. So we’ve got a lovely little gang of cuzzies, which is great.”

Today Extra co-host David Campbell has been incredibly supportive of the family as they continue to grow.

“I get very overwhelmed when people tell me happy news like that,” David admits. “The eyes start to water. It’s not a very manly reaction, I know. It’s very much in touch with my feelings. But I’m just overwhelmed for her because I saw what she and Pete went through, and how much Oscar means to them – just how invested they are with him.

“To know it’s going to happen all over again and it’s going to be just as good? I’m so happy. I don’t have more of a visceral reaction than that.”

“I love who Sylvia and Pete are as people, and they should create more humans because they are good people. We need more humans from them – that’s a good combination in the world.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.