Rock star Rod Stewart was seen taking in the sunshine while visiting the beach on Monday.


The happy snap shared to social media shows a beaming Rod Stewart posing with his wife, Penny Lancaster, 47, and his four sons: Sean, 38, Liam, 24, Alastair, 12, and Aiden, 7.

The rare family photo was posted by Lancaster to her Instagram account, and she captioned it: “Family time down in Malibu.”

Stewart and Lancaster tied the knot in 2007 and have two children together, Alistair and Aiden. His eldest son Sean is from his first marriage to actress Alana Stewart, while Liam is his son with New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter.

The singer, who has eight children in total, is also a doting father to Kimberly, 39, Ruby, 31, Renee, 26, and 55-year-old Sarah Streeter who was raised by adoptive parents but reunited with Stewart later on in life.

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