As many are spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, national treasure Ray Martin has realised his life-long dream of hosting a new lifestyle show on the ABC called At Home Alone Together.

“I’ve worked in journalism for over 50 years, but it’s always been my dream to front a lifestyle show. 60 Minutes was all well and good, but it never gave me an opportunity to build a pergola. Australians are experiencing a difficult time and I believe I’m the right person to step up to hold the country’s hand through it – just so long as that hand has been thoroughly sanitised,” Martin lamented in the press release.

Martin is the host of the eight-part comedy series that gives audiences advice on how to live their best lives in COVID-19. Some of Australia’s best comedians and actors, including Anne Edmonds, Ryan Shelton, Beck Lucas and Adele Vuko will be joining Martin to give advice, but Martin has cautioned people that he hasn’t jumped onto the COVID-19 cooking spree.

“I’m not even a cook, let alone a chef,” he tells Hibernation, with a laugh.

“I grew up with a mother and three older sisters, I was banished from the kitchen except for wiping up. I married a kitchen Nazi and my wife has also kept me out of the kitchen. I lament the fact that I can barely cook baked beans.

“Thankfully Dianne’s hung around for 40 years – if she was to leave me, I’d be kind of dependent on UberEats I think.”

If you’re thinking that Martin has spent this time to relax and take advantage of this time in isolation to learn new skills, you’d be wrong. He’s busier than ever and hasn’t even watched all the shows or read the books he’s planned to. 

“I got out Great Expectations which is one of my all time favourite books and I haven’t had time to read it, I’ve been going to do much more of that than I’ve done,” he says. “Suddenly, I’ll find it’s Thursday or Friday and I’ll think ‘Gee, what has happened to this week’.”

Martin is positively thrilled about his new role, explaining that it’s taken people 50 years to realise just how funny he really is.

“My daughter and son have always said ‘Dad, don’t dance, don’t sing’ and now are saying ‘Dad, don’t for a moment think you’re funny’. I guess I’ll prove them wrong or right.”

At Home Alone Together airs this Wednesday at 9 pm on ABC and iView.

Photo credits: ABC   

This article originally appeared on Over60.