Samantha Armytage has blasted the Daily Mail for published a sad video of her delivering an emotional eulogy at her mother’s private funeral.

The Sunrise Host has accused the news website of gaining access to a live stream that had been set up for family members who could not attend due to COVID restrictions.

The website recorded the service and uploaded a now-deleted clip of the star paying tribute to her mum under the headline  “Samantha Armytage breaks down in tears delivering touching eulogy at mother Libby’s funeral.”

Despite her grief, the morning show host took time to call out the senseless act.

“Lawmakers, where are the privacy rules in this country?” she wrote.

Daily Mail had did not only publish a clip from the funeral but also transcribed Armytage’s full eulogy and posted other private details – including names of those in attendance and songs that were played during the service.

“Again, I urge you all to not visit these websites.”

“Don’t click on their rubbish. Put them out of business. They are vile,” Armytage continued.

“And for the people who work for them, well, karma’s a b*tch.”

Samantha also mentioned in her post the Daily Mail employee whose name is credited as having penned the article.

It’s not yet known how Daily Mail got access to the Armytage family’s private video feed, but it has become increasingly popular to broadcast a funeral to family and friends through livestream.

Samantha’s Instagram post has received hundreds of comments of support.

“So sorry to hear this honey. Sending all the love to you at such a terribly painful private time,” Logie-winning actress Rebecca Gibney wrote.

Samantha’s mum, Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Armytage died on Melbourne Cup day after a long battle with an autoimmune illness.

This article originally appeared on Over60.