Samantha Armytage has said not having children or being married has affected the way she gets treated at work, claiming women can often feel “trodden” on.

The Sunrise TV host revealed to Stellar Magazine that she believed her bosses gave her more work simply because she was unmarried and didn’t have kids.

“Bosses don’t ask as much of you if you’re a wife or mother,” she said.

“I’ve never shied away from hard work, but there was an expectation that Sam would do it because she’s got nothing else going on.

“[Sometimes I’d think] ‘Well, actually, I’d get something else going on if you didn’t make me do this’,” she added.

Samantha married husband Richard Lavender on New Years Eve of 2020.

The pair started dating in April 2019 and announced their engagement in June 2020.

The TV host went on to say that women can often feel “trodden” on by showing “common female traits”.

“It’s a very masculine world so women go into their masculine when they’re in these environments and if you show any common female traits such as vulnerability, emotion or empathy you get trodden on. But I’ve just gone out and done my thing,” she said.

Sam recently went on to admit to the Kyle and Jackie O Show that she had thought about retirement and giving up her big city life for a quiet one in the Southern Highlands.

“I get the feeling, Sam, that you’re going to give this up next contract or something. Do you ever see yourself doing that?” Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked.

“Oh yeah, I think down the track I could, easily,” Sam said.

Sam and Richard managed to plan their wedding in just a mere three days.

“We did it, we got it done, it was a little bit stressful for me but Rich was very relaxed,” Sam said after returning to work earlier this year.

“It was dad, my dad, we were all sitting around, at Christmas time as you do, having a champagne and beer on the verandah, and dad said because of Covid and everyone’s in lockdown…dad said ‘just do it, for god’s sake, just do it,’ so we did it!”

“It was nice, there was 12 of us there, we organised it in three days and it was fun.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.