Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s nephew has been charged with a number of crimes.

Builder, Mitchell Cole, is facing charges for allegedly committing 20 offences, with many claiming he worked on their homes unlicensed and without insurance.

In a 2019 segment, A Current Affair revealed that customers had been irritated by the builder who had bragged about his politician-uncle to gain more business.

They alleged he took off with their money and left their homes a mess and incomplete.

Fay Voyiatsis revealed to the Channel 9 program that she had paid Mr Cole $56,000 to undergo a balcony extension, pergola and some retaining walls.

However, she says it became clear he never intended to finish the job.

“He was just trying to get as much money out of us and walk away,” she claimed.

Father of two James McCall also had his own experience with the politician’s nephew, claiming he paid Mr Cole $23,000 to tile his pool and erect some fencing.

However, the small amount of work he did was riddled with issues which Mr Cole claimed would cost another $15,000 to fix.

Couple, Vanessa Corsar and Peter Flanagan, also allege they gave Mr Cole $26,000 for an extension on their house, but later found out that allegedly Mr Cole didn’t even hold a building licence.

A Current Affair revealed Mr Cole was well known to fair trading and had been convicted six times.

He had also been fined more than $60,000 for carrying out work without a licence.

He allegedly continued his operation and changed his business name multiple times.

The Prime Minister made it clear he did not have much contact with his nephew but found the information about Mr Cole “deeply concerning”.

Mr Cole faces court next week.

Image: Channel 9

This article originally appeared on Over60.