A survey has found that Aussie seniors (60+) have become more digitally savvy during the pandemic. So, what are the top apps and services they’re using?

Digital magazine app Readly has, together with Yougov, investigated how the pandemic has affected Aussie seniors and judging by what they found, Aussie seniors have become significantly more digital with 38 percent of people aged 60+ using more digital apps and services during the pandemic.

Across all ages, digital habits have increased and the survey found 56 percent of Aussies are trying out more digital services than usual to facilitate their lifestyle.

When asked, 81 percent of Aussies said they believed their lifestyle will remain more digital after COVID.

Significant shift among Aussie seniors

But it’s amongst Aussie seniors where you can see a significant digital shift has occurred. Interestingly, 80 percent of the 60+ age demographic believe their lifestyle will remain more digital after the pandemic and lockdown eases.

This indicates that over the next few months, we may see even more of an increase in seniors adopting digital technology or trying new platforms.

What are the top digital apps seniors are trying?

The top digital apps our seniors have been trying for the first time during lockdown include:

  • Reading apps (magazines, newspapers, books)
  • Food ordering apps
  • Video call apps
  • Film and series apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Podcast apps
  • Social media apps

Chris Couchman Head of Content for Readly said, “The pandemic has brought with it curiosity and knowledge about how the digital world can bring us closer to each other, optimise our well-being and make everyday life easier.

“It is fantastic to see how the older target group discovers reading apps like Readly as a source of everything from entertainment to news. We are also seeing the increase in readership across the gardening, home and DIY genres, which reflects our interests in more activities to do at home.”

“During the last six months there has also been a 30 percent increase in engagement with crosswords and sudoku on the platform, which we know is popular among the senior demographic.”

Looking ahead, the survey looked at what activities Australians were most looking forward to in a post COVID society, with 58 percent of our seniors saying they’re mostly looking forward to travelling.

About the Survey:

The survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Readly. A total of 1070 interviews were conducted among Australians over the age of 18 during the period 17-24 June, 2021.

Image: Readly

This article first appeared on Over60.