Plenty of giggles were shared among the crowd at Dancing With The Stars on Sunday night, as host Sonia Kruger shared an explicit joke that had contestants both shocked and roaring with laughter at the same time.

The glam host of the very popular and high-energy reality show was catching up with model and presenter Kris Smith and his dancing partner, Siobhan Power, right after their Paso Doble performance – when she asked how his knees were holding up. Smith suffers from early onset osteoarthritis, and has previously revealed he’s had 12 knee operations.

“How are your knees, by the way? Do you have a safe word in case things go wrong, like pineapple, or Daryl?” Kruger asked Smith, referring to her co-host Daryl Somers, before dropping a racy gag. “Because my safe word is ‘harder’.”

As a stunned Smith laughed along with the crowd, Kruger asked: “Did I go too far then? I think I did!”

It wasn’t the only racy moment during Sunday night’s episode. Singer Ricki-Lee Coulter, raised eyebrows with her risqué red satin dress which featured a full skirt with thigh-high slits and a top which appeared to be made up entirely of just straps. A flesh-coloured layer underneath protected the star from a wardrobe malfunction.

Image: Channel 7 

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