In an emotionally charged 60 Minutes teaser, radio powerhouses Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson were left in tears after Sandilands confessed that he was battling a serious health condition in secret. 

However, it turned out to be nothing more than a joke by Sandilands himself, which left viewers on Sunday night confused and angry.

“There’s a condition that I’ve been diagnosed with and I haven’t spoke to anyone about,” the program teased, with both Sandilands and co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson in tears.

“Are you joking?” Jackie asks.

“Yeah,” Kyle responds.

“Why would you do that? I genuinely,” Henderson says tearily.

“You had me. You so had me. No that is emotionally mean. That was really cruel. A**hole.”

“No, no. There’s nothing wrong with me,” Sandilands explains.

The segment left viewers angry, saying that it was “off brand” for 60 Minutes to use it in a promotion video all week knowing that they wouldn’t deliver.

Derryn Hinch was less than impressed as well by the segment.

Sandilands did admit on the program that he was a “big beetroot” that was “ready to explode with high blood pressure any second”.

He confessed that his blood pressure “was good for the first time in probably fifteen years” and was hopeful “maybe I won’t just die one day without any warning”.

The segment continued with a check on the blood pressure machine during the interview, which revealed that the prognosis was high.

Stefanovic called it a “grim prognosis”.

“That means at any stage I could die. Any … at any time. Day or night,” Sandilands said.

“Where’s my doctor? (laughs) He’ll, he’ll die when he sees that.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.