Karl Stefanovic walked off the set of The Today Show after being insulted by his co-host Allison Langdon.

The pair were discussing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case in which Depp’s sister Depp’s sister Christi Dembrowski said Heard called the actor “old and fat”.

Karl was beginning to say “Being called a fat old man is like…” before Allison jumped in and bluntly told him: “You’re not old”.

“Or fat! I said all of them! Old or fat!”

Karl stood up from the couch and said he was not accepting these comments from Allison before walking off set.

“She’s fat-shaming! She’s fat-shaming again, Australia! I’m going on a diet.”

Allison sat in disbelief as Karl walked off, leaving her to wrap up the show.

“I was giving you a compliment,” she called out to Karl.

However, it did not stop there with Karl taking it a step further and involving Channel Nine publicist Adrian Motte telling him: “That’s disgusting isn’t it?”

Allison defended herself, saying she was not insulting Karl.

“I basically called you young, thin and handsome.”

“I really try. My feelings get hurt!” Karl yelled back.

“He’s so sensitive! I just called him thin, handsome, and young. That’s what I just said.

“I deal with this every day. Everyday is like this!”

The camera then showed Karl pretending to cry in the corner before admitting the pair were messing around.

Image: The Today Show

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