In cinemas June 15, The Promise  is a sweeping historical drama starring Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon and Academy Award winner Christian Bale

In 1914, Armenian medical student Michael (Isaac) travels to the grand city of Constantinople to train as a doctor. There, he falls in love with Ana (Le Bon), a French-educated Armenian artist who is already in a relationship with the fiery Chris (Bale), an American journalist reporting on the growing tensions between Turkey and Armenia.

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From the director of 'Hotel Rwanda', 'The Promise' is both an intimate love story and a heart-rending historical drama

Drawn to each other regardless, Michael and Ana are torn apart when they find themselves on the run for their lives as war breaks out and the empire turns against its own people.

A romantic rivalry plays out in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, transporting viewers back to a time of international upheaval that form the backdrop for a heart-wrenching tale of love, loyalty, and survival.

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