Schapelle Corby’s inclusion into the 2021 cast of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars was initially met with judgement and outrage from fans and judges alike, but original Dancing With The Stars judge Todd McKenney has apologised to Schappelle on the show.

Corby was feeling the heat while performing, saying that before her performance, she was “so nervous, I’ve been crying”.

“I’ve been so nervous, I’ve been crying I’ve been out the back, they’ve had to do my makeup again,” she told host Sonia Kruger after performing a Viennese waltz.

Todd McKenney apologised to Corby for doubting her.

“I have to apologise to you in fact, because for whatever reason, I don’t know why and it’s unfair of me, but I thought you were gonna be crap,” he admitted, advising her to “move with more freedom” going forward.

Returning judges Helen Richey, Paul Mercurio and Mark Wilson also gave glowing feedback to Corby’s performance.

“I don’t know what I expected but you have elevation, you have elegance, you’re so emotional and in the moment,” Mark Wilson said.

Fellow judge Helen Richey weighed in with similar surprise: “You actually moved around the floor very gracefully, you looked very classy and I was impressed with that,” while Paul Mercurio called her dance “sultry and beautiful”.

Despite the feedback, Corby received 5s and 6s across the panel but was still safe for another performance as Fifi Box was sent home after the first episode.

This article originally appeared on Over60.