Top 5 Autumn reads

As the leaves begin to fall and the evening cold sets in, there's nothing better than enjoying a good book beside a fireplace or a cosy heater.

To coincide with this seasonal return to the great indoors, publishers release a treasure trove of new releases and high-profile page-turners that are just begging to be read. Here's our top five reads.

God Help The Child by Toni Morrison

Read it if: You want a literary investigation into a flawed mother and daughter relationship

Renowned author Toni Morrison has released another emotionally charged tour-de-force, continuing the standard of works like Sula, The Bluest Eye and Beloved, which saw her win a Nobel Prize. The first of Ms. Morrison's stories set in a contemporary era, God Help The Child is a story about childhood, coming of age and the pressures of adulthood. Critically lauded for its sparing sense of lyricism and deft structure, the novel's central figure is that of 'The Bride', a young woman who struggles through a strange relationship with her flawed mother. Throughout the page-turning novel, Ms. Morrison intelligently investigates the crucial relationship between mother and daughter.  

“Morrison . . . proved with God Help the Child that her writing is still as fresh, adventurous and vigorous as ever.” - The Observer.

Publisher: Chatto & Windus RRP: $29.99

Leap by Myfanwy Jones

Read it if: You want to be inspired and warm your heart with a contemporary novel

This Melbourne writer’s second novel, Leap, is a contemporary ’dramedy’ which is being heralded as one of the sure-bets of the reading season. Literary insiders are predicting it to be the surprise literary hit of the year. Leap is the story of two disparate Melburnians, Joe and Elise. It is a subtle novel about relationships, love and the bond between humans and animals. An intriguing urban fairytale about love and redemption. Jones’ first novel, The Rainy Season, was short-listed for The Melbourne Prize Best Writing Award and Leap is another illuminating insight into fascinating characters. 

“Leap is contemporary, immediate, fast-paced, but also tender and reflective – a rare achievement.” - Lisa Gorton, author of The Life of Houses.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin RRP:$26.99


It’s Not Me, It’s You by Mhairi McFarlane

Read it if: You want to give your abs a workout from laughing so much

Following on from her breakthrough success You Had Me At Hello, British writer Mhairi McFarlane brings readers her latest romantic-comedy romp, It’s Not Me, It’s You. Praised by critics and readers alike, Ms. McFarlane's story is a clever modern wist on an age-old story. After discovering that her boyfriend is having an affair, Delia Moss embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and reflection, a laugh-inducing quest involving horrible bosses, handsome love-interests and a UK setting. It is available for the first time in paperback. 

"Very, very witty and funny. Left me in awe…a total gem.”- Marian Keyes.

Publisher: Harper Collins RRP: $14.99

Forever Young by Steven Carroll

Read it if: You’d like a nostalgic trip back to 1970’s Australia

Few Australian writers can rival the eloquence and success of Steven Carroll, winner of the PM's Award and Miles Franklin Award and author of The Time We Have Taken and The Art of the Engine Driver. Born and raised in Victoria, Mr. Carroll's invocation of Australia in the seventies is graceful and meticulous. Forever Young is a fascinating book that follows young rock 'n' roller Michael as he navigates the increasingly conservative realities of life. Written with a keen eye for detail and emotional honesty, Forever Young (the title likely inspired by the famous Dylan tune) is a must-read Australian novel. 

'Carroll ... transmutes the grey facts of daily life into light and luminous art.'- Geordie Williamson, The Australian.

Publisher: Harper Collins RRP: $29.99

Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Read it if: You want to be so captivated you’ll stay up reading into the night.

Finders Keepers is Stephen King’s second instalment of his ambitious Bill Hodges trilogy, which started with the literary masterpiece, Mr Mercedes. The first novel was awarded the Edgar Award for Best Novel, adding to the horror writer’s repertoire of dozens of esteemed literary awards. King’s next compelling thriller follows a reader’s dangerous obsession with a reclusive writer and the extreme lengths he will go to, to preserve the integrity of his beloved characters. The three unlikely heroes, Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson return for a nail-biting adventure that has been hailed as the “hallmark of King’s best work” by Publishers Weekly. Although you don’t need to have read Mr Mercedes to appreciate the race-against-clock action or the rich prose of Finders Keepers, there is no better way to work your way up to this exhilarating read. 

“A compelling story that twists and turns at breakneck speed, and delightful prose that, once again, proves that one of America’s greatest natural storytellers is also one of its finest writers." – Associated Press

Publisher: Simon and Schuster RRP: $30.00

This autumn, there's something for everyone, from page-turning comedies to heart-wrenching historical epics. While our short list was painstakingly put together, we know that there will be some other fan-favourites. Are you looking for even more fantastic reads? Have a look at some other great recommendations, including some quality non-fiction options. 

What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it? Tell us what is beside your bedside below  …