Scott Morrison has been caught in an awkward moment when he failed to realise he was live on-air during an interview on breakfast television.

The Prime Minister had just been miked up for his live cross with Channel Nine’s Today show on Wednesday morning when the segment encountered technical difficulties.

Host of the Today show, Allison Langdon let viewers know they would be doing a live cross to Canberra where Morrison was standing by.

“A good morning to you, Prime Minister,” she started off.

But instead of Canberra, footage of a Rydges Hotel in Melbourne was shown.

“Hello, Prime Minister, if you’ve got us,” repeated a confused Langdon.

“I’m here,” replied Morrison.

Morrison finally appeared on screen with a blank expression.

“Ah, nice to see you. We’ve only just miked you up,” said Langdon.

Morrison, who was clearly distracted, looked around as he failed to realise he was live on air.

“Prime Minister, can you hear me?” asked Langdon.

“Was I live then? Oh, good,” replied Morrison before a producer appears on screen to speak to him.

Langdon said: “There are the joys of live television, everyone. Prime Minister, can you hear me OK?

“We’re not hearing from the Prime Minister at the moment. We will come back to him after the break.”

Three minutes later Morrison appeared again and was able to restart the interview with a working microphone and camera feed.

The Prime Minister went on to commend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for his response to a recent spike in coronavirus cases and said the state had his “full support”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.