Delta Goodrem’s has a fantastic new CD and is starring in Cats!

She’s a judge on the hugely popular tv show The Voice, has a new cd and is also getting ready to star in Cats the Music. Is there anything Delta Goodrem can’t do? 

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Delta Goodrem showing her sweet (and sour) side as a judge on The Voice

Maybe once every twelve months, if you’re lucky, you might hear a single that catches your ear and resonates to such an extent that the song feels like an instant classic. That’s the case with Delta Goodrem’s latest effort Wings. The tune arrives perfectly realised: tapping the zeitgeist in such a way that the sonic chemistry between words, melody and sound are completely made for the times we live in. 

Written by Delta and DNA, Wings is so beautifully conceived, that, within a listen or two, it becomes indispensable to your day, your week or your year. It’s that good. 

A return to her own songwriting roots, Wings was composed with Delta at the piano. Before any sonic wizardry took place, Delta was playing to her strengths. The melody is built for her dynamic vocal range and there’s the push-me/pull-you of her piano playing: both coupled with the ambition of a woman who somehow sounds like she’s making her debut. It’s a powerful combination.

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“You always want a song to represent where you are now,” explains Delta. “I wanted Wings to convey that liberated feeling: with a bit of wildness meets a bit of letting go.”

Every night on her recent Australian tour, Delta with a small band on stage, brought the audience to their feet. She kept her set, as Ricky Martin’s special guest, short and sweet: playing the piano and singing her heart out. 

“Playing all of my old songs reminded me of all the things that make me who I am,” continues Delta. “I went into the studio after we finished the tour, and I went ‘these are the things that make me who I am; these little melodies and piano riffs’. I wanted to have no boundaries.”

“I thought about what my strengths are. My strengths are the piano … the instruments are my strength. I play the guitar, I play the drums, and I play the piano. It's funny because I learnt how to sort of cope with whatever is thrown at me. I wanted to make sure I had a song that incorporated all the things that make me feel like a powerful woman.”

This visually spectacular video shows Delta’s shifting transformation from winged goddess to multi-instrumental performer. 

To say Delta enjoyed working with her co-writers DNA would be an understatement. What they’ve co-created with Delta on Wings goes above and beyond. 

“I met them a long time ago,” says Delta of the relationship. “There are so many incredible Australian talents happening right now. I wanted us to congregate and write something magical. I just knew when we got together we were going to write something special.”

The song was written in Sydney and cut at Sony Studios with extra sessions taking place in Los Angeles. The stars lined up, alchemy occurred and Wings entered the world. 

“I was talking about the sounds that I love and the moods that I love, “ continues Delta, “We threw caution to the wind. I had these wing tattoos on my finger from being on stage. I put a lot of gold and silver tattoos on (they wipe off) instead of jewellery because jewellery clinks around when I play the piano. It sparkles as if it's jewellery. I literally had two wings, and I went "Wings, let's call it wings," and that's how it came about. 

“I feel like the most important thing is, Wings just feels fresh. The meaning of the song is about looking for new horizons, everybody is looking for a second chance. So what if I just let it all go? What if I just lose control and stop holding on so tight? That's been a big theme, where I've kind of let a lot go. These ‘wings’ are made to fly. I'm always going to be somebody who yearns for that kind of feeling: feeling liberated, free, wild, and young - probably until I'm 100.”

MUSIC LOVERS NEWS FLASH!: Delta Goodrem to star in the all-Australian case production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical CATS, from October 2015. Starring as Grizabella in Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne productions that means we will have the chance to see this talented singer perform the song Memory. Opening in Sydney on 20th October, this record-breaking musical is then touring to Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide finishing in Perth in April 2016.  Tickets are on sale now here.

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