“Marge! Marge! The rains are ’ere!”

It’s one of Australia’s most iconic ads and decades later, one of the actors has spoken out about appearing on the McCain Super Juicy Corn ad.

Rebecca Cross, who starred in the below commercial 23 years ago, was tracked down by The Danny Lakey Late Show on Triple M.

The former child actor, now 33, spilt on how she came across the opportunity to appear in the commercial at age 10, saying she was cast by eating lots of cobs of corn.

“There was about six of us at the table and we sat at a table, and they threw some corn at us, and they told us to eat it. And they said the first person to finish actually gets another one. And my mother hadn’t fed me that day, so I was quite hungry,” she said.

Ms Cross landed the role for the ad, and which was shot in Broken Hill, in outback NSW.

While she only featured in the ad for a few seconds, the shoot lasted a full five days.

One of the reasons the shoot took so long is because it rained for a couple of the shoot days, and “they really needed to get that picture of the sun”.

“It was a beautiful house,” she said of the location. “It was beautiful, stunning.”

She said, despite the ad’s popularity, she experienced “zero” fame, and no one ever recognised her in the street.

However she said her brother loved the experience and still will tell “everyone and anyone that I was the corn girl”.

She said she doesn’t bring up the ad anymore.

“I still act every day when I come into work in retail. I have to act nice to everyone,” she joked.

“I don’t do (acting) anymore, it was just a child thing my mum put me into it. I did a few catalogues, and the ad. That’s it.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.